A Silent Auction for Bev Sunday and Family

A Silent Auction for Bev Sunday and Family

We have been keeping Bev and her family in our Prayers.  Bev and her Husband are slowly making their way on the road to recovery, but the road will be long and while they are recovering their children are being cared for by family and need assistance.  Since Bev and her Husband were both self-employed they don’t have some of the benefits available to those who work for another company.

With the amazing group of Women at Entrepreneurial Moms we are putting together a silent auction that will take place on Tuesday evening.  However, if you aren’t attending or just want to help out in some way, you can bid on the auction items online (in other words you don’t have to attend to win, although you might just love it if you are a Mom and have your own business or are thinking of starting one).  I have donated a Family (or Portrait) Session.  If you were thinking of getting your family portraits done, then this would be a fabulous opportunity to help Bev and her family and get your family portraits at the same time.

edited to add:  You will need the auction ID and password to see the auction.
Auction ID: BevSunday
Auction Password: children

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