Anna – 50 Over 50 Project – Ottawa Portrait Photographer

Let me introduce to you another fabulous Anna! Anna is part of my 50 Over 50 Project and we just had so much fun together! Anna is a Real Estate agent in Alexandria (formerly in Ottawa) and has become such a wonderful part of the community. I even met her at a wonderful café for lunch, where lots of people stopped to admire her new images, say “Hi” and find out who I was, since I obviously wasn’t local. It was such a treat!!
I love to share stories in addition to hearing stories from other people, and Anna was no different (could it be in our nature as
Anna’s?). I look forward to meeting up again and visiting Alexandria during the artists tour in the fall. You should too!
Thank you to the always fabulous Nicky Beauclaire of Beauclaire Beauty for giving Anna a fresh look, just for her.

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