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Such a pleasure to work with Ashley Shubaly of AR Bookkeeping on some branding images. Two years ago, Ashley decided to start her business to support medium and small businesses with their bookkeeping. Entrepreneurship is somewhat of a family affair as her husband owns his own business as does her mother and sister. Wanting more flexibility and the desire to be her own boss Ashley took the plunge and hasn’t looked back. Working from her beautiful home office, which has lots of light, Ashley also visits with clients onsite.

anna epp ar bookkeeping personal branding photography

Ashley helps small and medium business owners with their finances so they can focus on what they do best. Whether they need on going support, one time support or even start up support, AR Bookkeeping offers services to meet all of those needs.. AR Bookkeeping also employs an all women team, which is absolutely amazing!! It is so great to see women supporting women in business.

anna epp and ar bookkeeping personal branding photos

I have to share a little secret, I have known Ashley for quite a few years now, as I photographed their wedding seven years ago this summer! I love when we can come together again after a few years and bring a new project to light. Working with Ashley is always a pleasure and I definitely look forward to working together again soon, when we add some springtime images to this session.

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Working at home means flexibility on where to work as well as the hours worked. Raising a family means creating a schedule that works for everyone. Being able to be home with their son when needed is also important for Ashley.




anna epp and ar bookkeeping personal branding photography



Personal branding images are all about showcasing the person behind the brand. I love to get to know all of my clients and to see how we can showcase their brand to the world or the very least a small corner of the world.

I would love to provide personal branding images for your brand.

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