Author Brenda Ponnay – Orange County California

Author Brenda Ponnay – Orange County California

The New Year has started off with an amazing opportunity to photograph Author Brenda Ponnay in California. Brenda is a Mom, graphic Artist, Children’s Book Author and owner of the blog Secret Agent Josephine among other amazing talents. I was first introduced to Brenda through her blog almost seven years ago and was able to meet her in person on a family trip to Disneyland two years ago. Since then, we have met up on both sides of the US several times and always have a great time when we are together. When Brenda mentioned in passing that she needed some promo shots done for her Children’s Books, I was quite quick to see if I could fit it into my schedule. Never one to pass up on an opportunity to head to California or to take photos of such a gorgeous subject, I packed my cameras and my suitcase and was off.
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We had wonderful warm, January weather for our shoots, which took us from Palm Springs to the Orange Groves of the California Desert, to Newport Beach in Orange County. The sun was warm and the light was gorgeous and the model, so easy to work with.
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Palm Springs in the afternoon, the architecture is amazing, the colours so vibrant.
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Citrus groves, like I have never seen before.  Since I live in Canada’s Capital it is pretty safe to say that I don’t get the opportunity to shoot in a Citrus grove very often. I just couldn’t pass up on the chance to do it. It amazes me how almost everyone has an orange tree or a lemon tree it is no wonder that Californians are so healthy!

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Brenda is also known as Secret Agent Josephine and her Children’s Books are based on the character Brenda created. In Newport Beach there is a restaurant with a mini-Eiffel Tower so we couldn’t pass up the chance to use it in our shoot.  I look forward to another time when perhaps I can follow Brenda to Paris and capture her in front of the real thing.
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Thank you to Brenda for such an amazing opportunity. I enjoyed my trip tremendously and only wish we were closer in geography so that we could work together more. I am already looking forward to the next time we do get to work together.

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