BeYou(tiful) #50andFabulous – Ottawa Portrait Photographer

I had the pleasure to meet this first gorgeous #50andFabulous woman, Jen, at her daughter’s wedding that I captured a few years ago. Jen is beautiful inside and out and is soon to become a grandmother for the first time. When I hosted my birthday celebration last October, Jen was one of my fabulous winners. Jen decided to celebrate her day with her close friend Barbara, the two women arrived at the studio all smiles and laughter and you could tell right away that they complimented each other completely.

I always find that my most nervous clients end up bringing some of the best images to light. Once we get them into the hair and makeup chair and start talking, all the rest falls away and our day just seems to flow. Jen was no exception, despite the fact that I have captured her before she was still just a tad nervous. Most likely due to the fact that this day was all about her and her beauty. That day we were focused one her and that gorgeous smile the she brings.  Thank you Jen for being so fabulous and for bringing Barbara to your session with you!
Barbara was not the nervous one at all, I think I may have used the term ‘sass’ to describe her personality that day. Barbara is a Mom to 5 and you would never even know it given her energy. I am only a Mom to 2 and I could barely keep up with her, perhaps I should have had three more! I loved watching Barbara transform in our time together, her beauty and personality shines through in her images. Thank you Barbara for accompanying Jen on this special day.

One of the things I remind my BeYou(tiful) clients often is that we need to exist in photographs for our children. These images are to be cherished and shared with the ones you love. Sometimes we just need to exist in a photograph to remind ourselves how beautiful we truly are. And I love that I can share these two beautiful women with you today.

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