BeYou(tiful) Allison – Ottawa Head Shot Photographer

I had the pleasure to capture Allison in the studio recently. Allison was looking for fresh new images for her website, Chromatics Interior Decor, and I believe we achieved that together. I will admit straight away that I was a tad bit nervous to have an interior decorator into our new space. We have recently left the suburbs and moved to a Century home that need a little loving and a lot of hard work. Not being entirely finished I was worried we weren’t on the right path to doing the home justice. The studio has been up and running for a few months now and is a beautiful white, so not so much worried about the actual studio, but the rooms leading into it. Allison was gracious and told me not to worry we were on the right track, phew. With that off my mind, I was set to focus on capturing Allison and her beauty.

We had gorgeous light streaming through the windows that morning and it truly enhanced Allison’s beauty. I could have spent an entire afternoon capturing her. I love watching clients transform from being just a tad bit nervous in being captured to feeling confident and free to pose. There are times, that I will admit that I talk a wee bit too much, however, sometimes there is a reason. When you chat with your clients, especially in a situation where you have only met through email or on the phone, you not only learn more about them but they learn about you. This puts you both at ease and enables you to capture the best part of them.

Thank you to Allison for allowing me to capture your beauty, it was truly great to meet you in person and I look forward to our next meeting.
BeYou(tiful) Allison

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