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As it happens with hanging out with new friends, sometimes you meet someone who changes your life, hopefully for the better. I was at a little get together several years ago now, and I met this wonderful woman named Jacquie. As the years went by, Jacquie and I found that we had similar connections and similar thoughts about how we wanted to see the world, mostly through kindness and happy thoughts shared often. Jacquie then married Klaus and I was blessed to be asked to capture their Wedding day. Klaus has a wonderful sister named Ursula. Ursula and I have seen each other a few times over the last couple of years, so when I got a phone call from her a few weeks ago, I was delighted to hear from her.

Ursula is good friends with Catherine. Catherine is a beautiful woman who has never had the pleasure of being photographed simply because. I say it often and I hope that one day all women will hear it and get it done. We women need to exist in photographs, for ourselves, for our families. We always have an excuse but listen when I tell you not to wait, just do it.

BeYou(tiful) Catherine

We had absolutely gorgeous light in the studio and thankfully the day wasn’t too hot.

BeYou(tiful) Catherine

I love the wardrobe choices Catherine brought with her, the colours were the perfect mix for the summery day.

 BeYou(tiful) Catherine

We decided to take it outside for just a little bit, we have several old barns on the property and couldn’t have asked for a better backdrop for our session. The wind kicked up just right and Catherine’s smile says it all. We had a perfect day.

BeYou(tiful) Catherine

Look at these two beauties!


I will forever be grateful to Ursula for bringing Catherine to me. Catherine is so beautiful, not just on the outside that we all can see, but on the inside. Her beauty shines through in the sparkle in her eyes. She is warm and kind and her laugh is contagious. Spending the afternoon with Catherine and Ursula embodied everything that my BeYou(tiful) sessions are all about. Beauty from the inside out. Thank you Ladies, for giving me such a gift of spending time with both of you.

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