#Blissdom Opryland Photowalk – Nashville, Tennesee

#Blissdom Opryland Photowalk – Nashville, Tennesee

#Blissdom Photowalk

I have been extremely Blessed this year with the ability to travel to new places. Since January, I have been to California to photograph Brenda Ponnay, New Orleans, Louisiana for a Photography Convention and finally Nashville, Tennesee for Blissdom a blogging and social media conference. And in all of these places, I visited cities I had never been to before.

When I get to travel for work, especially to a conference where you are in Convention Centers and busy meeting people in real life as opposed to online, I find I don’t take as many photos as I would like. So when I got the email to sign up for a photowalk at the Opryland Hotel and Convention Center the morning before Blissdom officially kicked off, I may have been the first to sign up. Photowalks are fabulous, they allow you to set aside time to tour and take photos and capture everything around you. It also allows you to be in contact with other photographers both new and old (not in age, but in ability) which allows you to ask questions of others or offer tips if you can share.

Even if you are not a large group, like we were, you can always connect with another person who is traveling with you or who you are meeting and set aside time for your own little photowalk. See the sights and get to know the cities you are visiting. Photowalks are great!

I will be hosting a few photowalks here in Ottawa this year, so be sure to check in often for photowalk announcements.  And who knows, maybe I will be joining in on a photowalk in your city on my next round of traveling.

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  1. Danielle
    11 years ago

    I am SUPER jealous of all of the amazing places you’ve been so far this year Anna! I can’t wait to hear about your photo walks that you have planned – *I* may just be the first to sign up! 😉

    • Anna
      11 years ago

      I do hope you will join in Danielle!! Photowalks are great!!

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