Carb Smart Express – Branding Photography

Branding photography is becoming more and more popular… as a term. There I said it!! Branding Photography isn’t new, however, our desire to focus on our brand is becoming more and more prevalent and what was once only used by higher end marketing teams is now being used for all of us. Entrepreneurs new and old are starting to realize that we need to have great images to showcase our brands.

I have been providing branding photography for almost all of my 11 years that I have been in business, we just termed it a lifestyle session or author images, or blogging images. However, truth be told is that they are all branding images and the more entrepreneurs that get their websites or social media pages up and running, the more branding images are needed. The age of Instagram has definitely brought about more and more sharing of images in relation to our brands and to keep moving forward we need to keep creating new and images to share.

That brings me to Carb Smart Express with owners Amynah and Veronika. They needed new headshots for their pages as well as an image of them both together. They also needed branding images, working in a kitchen, showing us the gorgeous (and tasty) food they create for people who are looking for low carb or keto based choices. Together we created some really amazing images for them to use on their website or share on their social media channels.

Pizza Crust by Carb Smart Express

Carb Smart Express Pizza crust was a fan favourite in our house! We do love pizza and this is a great choice if you are looking to reduce your carb intake.

Fresh Pizza

Pizza fresh out of the oven


Prepping muffins for breakfast

In addition to pizza crust, they have bagels, muffins, cookies, peanut butter cups and much more!

Headshot of Veronika Soares

A fresh updated look for Veronika, co-founder of Carb Smart Express.

Business partners Amynah and Veronika

Perfectly paired! Amynah and Veronika have lots of fun together, creating and delivering their amazing products.

Heashot of Amynah Somani

I just love this headshot of Amynah! Co-founder of Carb Smart Express. We did have a great time together and I loved working with them on their branding images and headshots.

I recommend having quarterly sessions for most businesses, the need to capture each season is crucial for social media sharing. Feel free to contact me for a free consultation, I offer several different personal branding packages to suit your needs and the needs of your business.

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