Cindy Whyte-Bradley – 50 Over 50 Project – Ottawa Portrait Photographer

Cindy Whyte-Bradley is another of my fabulous 50 Over 50 Ladies!! And Cindy brought it all to the Farmhouse Studio!! A little fun, a little bit of summer, a few moments of meditation with yoga and some love with her DIFD hoodie!!
Cindy is another person whom I have known for years. We met walking our kiddos to school and volunteering before we made the move to the Farmhouse. Little did I know that Cindy still followed my Photography page and when she heard about the 50  Over 50 Project she signed up! It was such a treat to catch up with her. I had no idea that she was in the 50 Over 50 category honestly (well I can’t believe it about myself as I still feel 21) and now she is studying yoga and will hopefully be an official yogi soon!! I also love that she asked if she could have one of her outfits be her DIFD hoodie 💜.
Thank you to Nicky Beauclaire.

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