Cloth Diapers and Earth Day


*On April 23rd, Earth Day, The Extraordinary Baby Shoppe is gathering together cloth diapering Moms at the Hintonburg Community Center in the hopes that Women all over the world will be changing their babies diapers at the same time. Raising awareness for cloth diapers and need to reduce disposable diapers in landfills.

To celebrate this event I will be on hand to capture some of these gorgeous babes in cloth diapers as well as a few pregnant Moms who may be stopping by to participate in the Cloth Diaper Workshop being given. In order to have me photograph you or your child you must first register with The Extraordinary Baby Shoppe that you will be attending then you can register with me by contacting me via email or phone. The first 25 people to sign up will be guaranteed a spot for a photo. You will receive an 8×10 of your child from that session and the opportunity to have your child featured on the walls of The Extraordinary Baby Shoppe.


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  1. Samantha McGavin
    12 years ago

    Hi Anna, I would like to sign up for the photos, but I don’t have Flash and can’t access your phone and e-mail address…thanks!

  2. Deborah Johnston
    12 years ago

    Are there still spots available for the 8×10? If so please sign me up!