Equestrian Portraits – Ottawa Portrait Photographer Anna Epp

Our daughter, the equestrian. Her love for riding is infectious. I, for one, was deathly allergic to horses and hay and anything to do with a barn. When she first mentioned that she wanted to ride horses, I couldn’t even begin to understand how it would be possible with my allergies. The first year, I had to drop her off and head home, often grabbing a puffer from my pocket. As the first year went on, I found I could tolerate the barns and horses a little more each time. I was able to watch when they rode outside, then as time went on I could stay and watch inside. Now, I can even snuggle up to and pet the ponies and horses and am able to watch her lessons and see how amazing of a rider she truly is.

As we spend more and more time at the barn, stable, farm, her love grows more and more and with it her desire to ride in a show. This year, she will have her chance, she was gifted a show for Christmas and we just know it will be an amazing day for her.

She asked if she could have her portrait done of her in her show riding outfit, she certainly knows her way to her mother’s heart. We still have to change up her helmet and gloves, but as it is, she is super proud of how far she has come  and is looking forward to a fantastic show season.

Have you ever thought of asking your children how they would like to be photographed? This was a game changer for me. As a mother, I always have an idea of how we should photograph the family. I see us as a whole unit and even when I ask for subjects, I was still directing. In asking her, her wishes, I was no longer the director of the portrait, I took the direction from her and managed to capture her the way she sees herself.  It surely was a treat, for both of us.

Ask your children how they would like to be photographed. Sometimes it turns more into an exchange, let us do some coordinating family photos together, then you can have some time to do your own thing. You may just be surprised with the portraits you get.


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