Executive Portraits – Ottawa Head Shot Photographer Anna Epp

The importance of a professional Executive Portrait, otherwise known as Head Shots, couldn’t have been more clear to me recently. One of my own family members let it be known to me that he was using a {gasp} selfie on his professional LinkedIn page. I couldn’t have been more astonished at the fact that I allowed this to happen. As often as I take photos of my own family, most are in family situations, therefore, not what we need to see on a professional page representing yourself. And truth be told we see this happen quite often.

Although I photograph many people for their professional pages and online profiles, neither one of us made sure that this happened for him as well. I have several companies that I work for and my job is to photograph their employees, to give them something professional to represent them and the company they work for. We decided that it would be prudent to correct this mistake and make sure that he was properly presented.

All it took was 30 minutes of his time and truth be told it could have taken less. He booked a boardroom and we also used a quiet hallway to allow him a couple of choices. We chose a day when he would be prepared to be photographed with suit and tie and we made it happen. Nothing makes me happier than to know that we got this done and he is now photographed properly for his online profile.

We offer on location and in studio Executive Portraits. Plain backgrounds, your work environment or outside, the choice is yours for how you would like to be seen at work. Branding packages are also available if you need something a little more to show you and your brand. Contact Anna to book your portraits.


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