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Last Sunday was the perfect Day for a Lifestyle Family Session. In a Lifestyle session we forgo the posed images and look more for natural situations. We started at the top of Strathcona Park in Ottawa and headed down and around the area. Allowing the youngest to set the stage of where he wanted to go, although we did guide him when we started walking through the neighbourhood as we knew our last stop would be a coffee shop. We stopped along the way at another park, and gathered stones, looked at ants and overall had a fabulous afternoon. The weather was warm, but not too warm and lead to a gorgeous setting for our session.

Stéphanie and I met a few years ago when I photographed babies in their diapers for the Extraordinary Baby Shoppe. It is so great to see how much this little guy has grown and changed over the last four years.
Lifestyle Family Portrait Session
Sometimes when you let the kids pick the poses they come up with some pretty fun stuff. Stéphanie had the perfect little man hat and although he wanted me to wear it for most of the afternoon, I was able to coax him into showing me just how handsome and stylish he could be in it with just a few words of encouragement.  We had a wonderful afternoon and spending it with Stéphanie and her little man was just perfect. At four and a half he had just the right amount of energy and enthusiasm to get through the session and make the trip to the coffee shop, where he got to enjoy a hot chocolate and cookie, the perfect reward.

Thank you Stéphanie for allowing me to capture your afternoon. You have a very special little man and I look forward to sharing this session with you.
Lifestyle Family Portrait Session

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