Four Generations – Ottawa Family Photographer

Four Generations – Ottawa Family Photographer

It isn’t very often these days that we get a chance to capture four generations together.  So this photo is a precious moment in time, not only four generations are here, but four generations of women, each with a story to tell or a story yet to be written.  And the lone little fella standing strong as the youngest of the group, oh the stories he will have to tell.

In my own family both of my sets of Grandparents have passed on and I never got that chance to have my children meet any of them.  I don’t have that photo to show my children, this was you with your Great-Grandmother or Great-Grandfather let alone a photo of all of them together.

Sometimes it is hard to get that family photo, usually one or more of the participants it waiting until they look their best or lose that last ten pounds. 

Don’t wait.  Time is precious and if you wait you might just miss that opportunity.

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