Fun Fashion Shoot – Ottawa Teen Photographer

Fun Fashion Shoot – Ottawa Teen Photographer

I had a fabulous opportunity to work with Sam this weekend.  We had a fasion shoot together and WOW, what an amazing girl.  Sam was so fun to work with and such a beauty, the light and camera loved her, all we had to was snap away.

Here are just a few shots from yesterday, so much fun.  I hope to do another shoot just like it very soon.

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  1. A Crafty Mom
    14 years ago

    These are absolutely gorgeous, Anna!! You must be thrilled with how it turned out – so fantastic! She is truly gorgeous and these photos all capture a little bit of her – so well done!

  2. Anonymous
    14 years ago

    gosh i think your photo skills are amazing + sammi looks so amazing.
    if you ever need a model im totally up for it.!
    Kiersten Lauton

  3. Jummy
    14 years ago

    Oh, what a fabulous shoot, Anna! Sam is amazingly photogenic (love those peepers!).

    When I learn how to use my camera can I volunteer to shadow you for a day?

  4. Stacie’s Madness
    14 years ago

    she looks like a fun girl to photograph!