I'm Getting Savvy

Last Fall when The Savvy Photographer announced they would be hosting A Workshop on The Waterfront I knew I wanted to go.  Eight fabulous women coming to share their knowledge and skills about photography with us.  The list of guest speakers is just amazing, Catherine Clay, Jodi Otte, Kelli France, Mika Beth Edwards, Marta Locklear, Melanie Mauer, Jessica Grieves and Bev Hollis. WOW!  I think I need to pinch myself really.

Fall came and went and Christmas happened, then the Workshop sold out.  I was sad, but knew that if it was meant for me to go a spot would open up.  I believe that things happen because they are supposed to and sure enough a spot (or two, I don’t know how many) opened up and I was able to get it.  This is a huge adventure for me.  The first time I will willingly leave my children overnight and the first time for my daughter at all.  This will also be the first time my Husband will have to take care of the children on his own and go to work.  It will be a huge milestone in our family and I hope that it goes well.

And most importantly I am looking forward to the knowledge I will bring back with me.  All these women sharing in their business and photography skills.  I can’t wait to share all that I will learn with you.

edited to add: If you are a fellow Photographer, head on over to The Savvy Photographer and check out their amazing giveaway from Willette Designs.

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  1. Christine
    14 years ago

    I know you read my post about leaving the kids behind for "me" time. The first time is so hard, and I imagine you will think of them lots, but you will also be so excited to just focus your energies entirely on something that brings you joy! It's exhiliarting. Have a great time!