Julia – Ottawa Head Shot Photographer


I have had the absolute pleasure to know Julia for the past 5+ years. We met at a Women In Biz Conference five years ago in Toronto and have seen each other at different conferences and events over the years. This past February I was able to take a step out of my photography comfort zone and attend a conference with Julia as her wingwoman. Julia works for Restonic Mattress and they were sponsors of the Dad 2.0 Summit. We got to talk mattresses with Dad’s and listen to some truly amazing speakers. Julia and I discussed new head shots as she hadn’t had hers done in a few years. However, since we were busy at the conference and travel weary we decided to do it another time when our schedules aligned. Just a few months later Julia was scheduled to be in Ottawa so we met up at my studio and put together some great images that represent Julia in her many roles.

In addition to Restonic, Julia also has a travel website, GoGirlfriend and she often has speaking engagements. We needed a few looks to encompass her different social media needs. I think we were able to capture Julia at her best and had a little fun with a pillow, which represents her work with Restonic the best.

Julia Julia

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