Las Vegas, Nevada – Editoral

Throughout the years I have had amazing opportunities to travel with my photography business and I was thrilled when I found out I would be traveling to Las Vegas, Nevada this past March. I had never been to Las Vegas and if I could be honest I was a little nervous about going, since you hear so many stories about ‘What happens in Vegas…’.

First things first, find a travel companion who has been before. At least once a year I travel to a large photography conference to improve my skills, refresh and rejuvenate. Last February I traveled to New Orleans, Louisiana for the Imaging Conference and met the fabulous Jen Osojnicki from Massachusetts.  We stuck together and she showed me the side of New Orleans I would never have seen on my own, outside the hotel room and conference centre.  Jen took me to the Garden district and to Bourbon Street and I will forever be thankful that we met one early morning on the shuttle.  We discussed attending a different conference for 2013, WPPI, it is always held in Las Vegas and I was thankful that Jen had been before.  Although our flights were scheduled to arrive minutes apart mine was delayed for a few hours so I arrived just after midnight on the weekend of the time change, so really, it was 4am for me!

Jen and I headed out early for some classes but we made sure to take in a few sights of Las Vegas as well.  Since we left snow behind us we made the most of unseasonably hot days in Vegas. We even spent an hour or two by the pool for lunch one afternoon.  I came home refreshed with new ideas, new techniques and a completely different view of Las Vegas than the one I had imagined.

Enjoy a few images from that trip and a huge thank you to Jen for being my travel companion. We had lots of fun, lots of laughs and have set our sights on our next adventure in 2014.

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