March is Personal Branding Photography Month!

Welcome to March!! And with it brings my mission to spread the word about Personal Branding Photography.  Personal Branding Photography is more than a head shot, more than branding portraits, it is an all encompassing session that we create together to tell your story.

A portfolio, creatively crafted to share your brand to the world. Perfect for entrepreneurs, small business owners and online influencers who want to have consistently amazing images to promote their brand online. In one session we will create enough images for you to share every day and schedule your online social media posts once a month, longer if you wish!

Personal branding photography with Alice Tracey, RMT

So, Anna, how does it really work? So glad you asked! First we have a phone consultation to officially meet, after the initial consultation you will receive your contract and  the Personal Branding Questionnaire.  Once I receive that I will start building your session based on what you tell me about your business. We will have another planning consultation (on the phone, online or in person) where I present my thoughts to you and we plan our time together. Then, we have our session, which will last anywhere from 2-4 hours depending on locations and the package you choose. Then, you will get back to work and I will process your images and you will receive your them shortly after. It is truly an easy process and fun, did I mention fun?

Personal Branding Photography with Alice Tracey, RMT

In your images you will be less posed more lifestyle. I will show you laughing, smiling, thinking, working…doing what you do in your business that makes you so amazing. If needed I will incorporate your family, coworkers or office pet if they are all part of your story. Sharing your story or stories is our goal here, so get ready to share all about how you came to be in the business you are in. And often, I find clients learn more about themselves and their business in this exercise. It’s wonderful, it’s fun and best of all I give you back time. Less time spent trying to take, edit, cull images to share on social media. I do this all for you and all you have to do is share them.

Are you ready to book your consultation?

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