My Story – Personal Branding Photography

As time marches on and I look back at my own branding story, I realized a few things have changed, but fundamentally some things are still the same. I was recognized as BeachMama for many years in the online community, as I needed a persona when I first started blogging and that was the longest standing nickname for me that didn’t involve yellow fruit. My love for the beach, specifically Rehoboth Beach, has led to a lifelong commitment to getting to the beach as often as we possibly can and soaking in all that the sun, sand and salt air has to offer. BeachMama flowed into my work and I continued on that path for quite a few years, until we made a move from suburbia to a century farmhouse in the middle of a cornfield.

After our move to the “country”, I put that in air quotes because technically we are still in the city, but it’s pretty country to many, more and more of my beach roots have become farmhouse roots. I spend hours in the good weather on the John Deere, cutting the lawn. I hang dry my laundry so it smells fresh and clean. I started canning and preserving farm fresh foods again and this Spring our kitchen garden will be going in! Our children spend way more hours outside than in and hubby and I enjoy sitting on the porch watching the sunset.

This move has also allowed us a gorgeous location for portraits both inside and out. We simply call it the Farmhouse and we welcome visitors often. We meet on the porch, where we usually have a snack table out and some fresh lemonade. If you are here for a studio session inside, much is still the same, but we only sit on the porch in the good weather. We have a large viewing room just off of the studio and we take our time going through your images together.

I am still BeachMama in my heart, but I am now more The Anna Epp as my online persona as I felt that it encompassed more of me now into the online name. I still travel for work whenever I am asked or needed. There is nothing I love more than exploring a new city, camera in hand and I love working with the people in those cities. There is something wonderful about expanding your horizons.

With that, I sort of reintroduce myself to you, and I look forward to meeting and photographing you. Whether it is for your own personal branding, head shots, an event or portraits.

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