New Year, New Headshots – Ottawa Headshot and Branding Photographer

Is is time for a new headshot? I see February as a perfect month to get them done and up on your website. I offer several styles of headshot, which one is right for you? Together we discuss what you are looking for in a headshot and design the perfect session for you.

You may want a simple, yet classic, backdrop and light or you may want to try the new lighting technique that makes you light up and shine. You may want more of a branding style, where you are located in your place of work. Any and all of those headshots are fantastic and possible.

I work with all sorts of lighting depending on what you are looking for, from natural light, to full on studio lights, the end result is an amazing headshot that represents you and your brand or you and your company. I also offer complete corporate bookings, where we set up in a boardroom and capture the entire staff throughout the day. This allows for all of your staff to be photographed in a similar style for a cohesive look on your company website.

You may notice I post a lot of images of women and there is a reason for that. I specialize in photographing women, I know how to photograph women so that they look and feel their best. I have spent years helping women through some difficult times during a session. Not everyone likes to be photographed, despite what you see out in the world of social media, so together we work through things and capture some of the most amazing photographs ever.

Photographing you is more than just my job, I want you to feel amazing when you show off your images, I want you to want to see your photo everywhere you look. Photographing you is my passion and I want it to show through in your images.

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