Randell Family – Ottawa Family Photographer

Randell Family – Ottawa Family Photographer

Let me introduce you one of the most incredible families I think I have ever met.  The Randell Family. I had the fantastic opportunity to meet the Randell’s because of Twestival.  Although, as it turns out I had already met Liliane online when I read about Jacob Randell’s Journey, and didn’t put it all together until we realized we had a mutual friend Stéphanie who brought us all together.
At Twestival, I donated a family photo session for the live auction. Liliane bid on my auction item and won. I didn’t get a chance to introduce myself that night because I was photographing the event and Stuntman Stu had already put me on the spot during the auction and I was truthfully a little flustered.

Liliane and I emailed back and forth and even changed the date of the shoot due to rain, but when I finally had the chance to meet them, Jacob stole my heart. Jacob has been through more than anybody, let alone a child should ever go through, yet his strength and his love is just amazing. He took to me right away told me about his beads (which is the second longest string that they know of) and introduced me to “Pyjamo” his teddy that went through every procedure and surgery that he did. And as I listened to this lovely boy, who is the same age as my own son, I melted just a little bit more, he is going to steal all the girls with his charm I tell you.
Randell-5 Randell-6
Such a gorgeous family and little Liam, another heartbreaker on the way I am sure.
After taking a few pictures inside we headed out to the rapids near their house to grab a few more.  Jacob and Liam were all over Mom and Dad, full of cuddles and laughter, we truly had a great time.
Then I stood back while they through rocks into the rapids, two brothers just being boys, trying to see how far they could throw, how big of a rock they could pick up. We stopped them when they tried to pick up a boulder, that was taking it just a wee bit too far.
Randell-43 Randell-46

I had such an amazing morning with the Randell family, I am not even sure how to thank them for sharing so much with me. Meeting them has changed me, given me a reminder that anything can change in an instant, that we truly must cherish every moment. And what a wonderful few moments I captured with them.

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  2. Danielle
    12 years ago

    Beautiful session Anna – you can just see the joy in their faces and you captured it perfectly! Those parents are going to have their hands full for SURE with boys THAT handsome!! 🙂

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