Secret Agent Josephine – Personal Branding Photography

Secret Again Josephine and I go back quite a few years. In fact, Secret Agent Josephine is an alter ego created by the very talented Brenda Ponnay back in the day when we all had alter egos online to protect our identity on our blogs. As years went on and blogging conferences happened, we started meeting each other in real life. I will never forget joining my husband on a conference trip to California so that we could take the kiddos to Disneyland, apparently it is super close to Secret Agent Josephine, so we decided to meet up. I was so nervous!!! Meeting this person in real life I had only known online! Well, together with our kiddos we explored and had a great day. It was like spying a little into her life…

A few years after that, Brenda was looking to have some personal branding photography done (although it wasn’t called that at the time). Brenda is an amazing illustrator, writer, author, photographer, crafter… so when she was releasing SAJ in Paris, she thought of doing some images to match. I jumped on an airplane, eager to escape the cold and headed out to the sticks. We spent a great long weekend together creating so many wonderful images, that even now, seven years later, they are still usable and I wouldn’t change a thing about them!

I pulled a few images out of the archives to show what is possible in a personal branding session, there are a few more stories to share from this, but here are three; Author, Secret Agent Josephine, Paris! Brenda was able to use these images for blogging, book covers, print releases, anything she needed to use them for at the time. We chose several locations; home, Palm Springs, a local mall that had a miniature Eiffel Tower, an orange grove and the desert. While we spread this out over a couple of days so that I could see the area and visit, we could have easily done all of this in one day. We put together a plan, the outfits and headed out. We made sure to capture Brenda as both herself and Secret Agent Josephine, there are quite a few with her daughter as well as she is a huge part of her brand. I have to admit that looking back at these, I know that it is time that we schedule another session and I do hope that we can do it when the weather here is frightful and I can enjoy the warmth of California once again.

Personal branding photorgraphy Secret Agent Josephine

Personal Branding Photography with Secret Agent Josephine

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