Your Best You – Ottawa HeadShot Photographer

No matter what your business, you always want to put your best You forward. I still see it time and again, washed out images, selfies, cropped images or even worse dark shadowed images do not make for a good profile image. The time is here to put your best you forward with a great profile image. More and more people are asking to be photographed on a light or white background. This is great for so many reasons, but it is not by any means the only way to be photographed. Having a plain background can lend to consistency throughout your organization, however, you can be photographed in your office, boardroom or an outdoor setting. The most important thing to remember is that your background should not distract us from seeing you first. Your background should enhance you or your business.

Julia works for a matress company, a fun playful image of her with a pillow was what she was going after in the example below. This represents her and the brand she works with for her social media icons. If you know Julia, you know that she is always aglow and smiling, this is a perfect example of putting your best you forward.

Sara writes articles for living and active lifestyle. Sara wanted to show herself outside, with the Fall colours representing being active and outdoors. With the right background we can see that she is outside but not that it is too distracting that we don’t see Sara. Another great example of putting your best you forward.

How would you like to be photographed putting your best you out there for the world to see? Let us work together to find the perfect background for you and your image. Let 2017 be the year that you put the best you possible out there.

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