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BeYou(tiful) Events Weddings About Me Contact Pricing Blog

Anna Epp specializes in photographing women, showcasing their beauty in portraits that are timeless. Anna and her team work with you prior to your portrait session to ensure that you feel comfortable and are ready to create images that you are proud of. Generation portraits of you can include one or both or your parents as well as your children. Family portraits bring together the entire family in studio or on location in the greater Ottawa area.

Head Shots and Branding Sessions that represent you and your brand can take place in our studio or your own office. We offer extended branding sessions that include personalized stock photography to ensure that the images you use are cohesive with your brand. Head Shots and Branding sessions are extended to both women and men.

Executive portraits on location in your office or board room. Strong images that show you in your place of work, essential for profiles on your corporate website or LinkedIn. Executive portraits are also extended to both women and men.

Events and Special occasions are photographed from the perspective of capturing the essence of the event without interfering. Capturing speakers and presentations as well as guests interacting and reacting to the event. Ensuring that sponsorship is captured as well as any special guests that may be attending.

Weddings are very special to Anna Epp and she only accepts a limited number throughout the year to ensure that the couple getting married has her full attention. Be sure to inquire as soon as you are engaged to secure one of those dates.

Please take a look through Anna's galleries and contact her to schedule a consultation for your portraits.