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Anna Epp Photography

Ottawa Portrait and Branding Photographer

Anna Epp is a portrait and branding photographer located in Ottawa, Ontario. With over eleven years as a professional photographer and over 38 since she picked up her first camera and started documenting the world around her, Anna will showcase you in the best possible way. Whether you hire Anna for your professional portraits, personal portraits for as your personal branding photographer, Anna will take care of you and create the most amazing images for you.

Personal Branding Photography

Personal Branding Sessions are sessions that represent you and your brand. We work together to create an amazing session that showcases you and your brand. Personal Branding Sessions are a perfect fit for anyone who has an online presence and would like to have a curated set of images to use for their website and/or daily posting.

Head Shots and Executive Portraits

Head Shots and Executive portraits on location in your office or board room. Strong images that show you in your place of work, essential for profiles on your corporate website or LinkedIn. Executive portraits are also extended to both women and men.

Event and Special Occasion Photography

Events and Special occasions are photographed from the perspective of capturing the essence of the event without interfering. Capturing speakers and presentations as well as guests interacting and reacting to the event. Ensuring that sponsorship is captured as well as any special guests that may be attending.

BeYou(tiful) Portraits

One of Anna's specialties lies in photographing women, showcasing their beauty in portraits that are timeless. Anna and her team work with you prior to your portrait session to ensure that you feel comfortable and are ready to create images that you are proud of.

Farmhouse Portraits

Anna also offers exclusive Farmhouse Portraits, shot on location at the family Farmhouse in North Gower.

Please take a look through Anna's galleries and contact her to schedule a consultation for your portraits.

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