2019! – Ottawa Branding Photographer

Personal branding photography is evolving from more than a personal branding portraits, although this is a great start. Having a personal branding portrait session incorporates you and some of your story into a small selection of headshots and images to use. Personal branding photography takes this one step further and creates images both with you and without you in them that tells your story or several stories.

Each story incorporates bits of you and your brand and what it is that makes you different from everyone else out there. INCLUDING unique images curated and created just for you! Together we will create the perfect personal branding session that brings all of that together and the end result will be enough images for you to share to your social media daily!

How do you share your story? Do you share only on Instagram? Pinterest? Do you blog or are you big on LinkedIN?  Do you need printed materials to share with clients?

We will bring together only the best images for you to share in each place that you need them online or in print. The amazing part is that it will show the most fabulous you to your clients.

Are you a personal trainer? We will create images of you doing what you do, from a portrait perspective and from behind the scenes, we will sprinkle in a few creative stock images and you will have enough images to post each day Monday to Friday.

Are you a real estate agent, author, social influencer, cook… the list could go on! The key is, if you work online, you need professional images to share and promote your brand. Let me help you build the brand you have always wanted.

Personal Branding Photography

One of the great things about personal branding photography is that we don’t have to live in the same city! I am free to travel to you or you can travel to me! We can do much of the preliminary work ahead of time, online and on the phone, and them come together for our shoot day. There isn’t much about this that I don’t love, and I hope that you will love it too.

Please feel free to contact me via email anna@annaepp.com or on the phone 613-797-6818. We will discuss your photography needs and how we will tell the world about your amazing brand!

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