Jackie and Jo-Anne – 50 Over 50 Project – Ottawa Portrait Photographer

Jackie contacted me about the 50 Over 50 Project pretty early on. She wondered if she could do it with a friend, “but of course!”, I said. Jo-Anne was coming home from England later in the summer so we booked it for then…. then, well.. time stood still.
Jo-Anne managed to come home for a visit, she was blessed to be able to quarantine on her arrival an then spend time with family prior to coming to the Farmhouse Studio. We are pretty strict with our precautions here and made sure that everything was in place to welcome her so she would be comfortable and feel safe. I am pretty sure our day together was a good one all around.
This is Jackie on the right and Jo-Anne on the left, friends for 20+years, they manage to get together often and definitely have fun when they do!!
More of Jackie and Jo-Anne to come…

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