Jackie – 50 Over 50 Project – Ottawa Portrait Photographer

Jackie not only brought Jo-Anne to the 50 Over 50 project, she brought some pretty amazing clothing items and Shoes!! I know that they may get cut off just a wee bit, but truly shoes an a dress that were bought separately but match are AMAZING!!!
Jackie has traveled extensively and was actually in the Ukraine when things started to close up, actually Jo-Anne was visiting with her from England and managed to get out before… yet Jackie… she had to stay put for about six weeks before she could return to Canada.
The stories we hear now about people trying to get home during the early stages of the pandemic are just unreal. And to see Jackie light up with a smile and tell you all about it means that it was truly just part of her adventure. I do believe that not everyone would do well with not being able to get home, but Jackie seemed to just roll with it. And now she has fabulous tales to tell.
Being in her 50’s is nothing for Jackie!! And if I am honest, I truly feel older.. again! I am inspired meeting these amazing women, inspired to do more, to be more, to go out and shine. And the most common thing that comes up in conversation is that turning 50 only makes you more secure in who you are and that you still feel 20 years old in your mind. My own Grandmother once told me she still felt 19 until she looked in the mirror. And she was close to 90 when she told me that!
You are truly a Rockstar Jackie!! Thank you for joining me in the studio!!

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