BeYou(tiful) Alana – Ottawa Portrait Photographer

Allow me to introduce to you BeYou(tiful) Alana. Alana and I met for the first time several years ago at a Fuchsia Factory networking event in Ottawa. We had not seen each other for a couple of years then attended another Fuchsia Factory event and saw each other again. I was telling Alana about my BeYou(tiful) Sessions and she was quite excited about it. There is something about a portrait session that is just for you, all about you, to remind you of your beauty that captures peoples interest. BeYou(tiful) Sessions were designed for Women as a reminder to exist in photographs.

As it happens, I was gifting a BeYou(tiful) Session at the Fuchsia Factory event and Alana was the fabulous recipient. Alana was invited to bring a guest with her and she decided to invite her girlfriend Deb, who lives out of town, so they could spend an amazing day together. And we truly had a fabulous day!
Spending time with Alana is truly a gift. She is such a warm and kind person and definitely needed a special day to remind her just how beautiful she is. The lovely and talented Ariana Assadi was our makeup artist that day and as soon as the ladies sit down with her, their whole demeanor changes. Ariana simply enhances the beautiful woman that we see each and every day. Our studio is full of gorgeous natural light, ‘The Farmhouse’ as we affectionately call it, is a fun and welcoming place to spend the day.

I thank you Alana, for allowing me the opportunity to capture you and your beauty. It was such a pleasure to spend the day with you and Deb and I am so happy we had the chance to make it happen.
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  1. Tina Yelle
    8 years ago

    OMG!! Gorgeous…This totally made my day 🙂