"B2" – Ottawa Event Photographer

"B2" – Ottawa Event Photographer

On Boxing I had the amazing pleasure to attend the Second Annual ‘B’ Show at Greenfield’s Pub in Barrhaven.  A concert put on for the Kirk Ellard Legacy Fund and for those of us who knew Kirk, to celebrate is life and remember him and his music.  I went to High School with Kirk Ellard and his brother Keith who played in a band, Fatal Mistake, with a few friends Matt Minter, Jason Throop and Tyson Chang.  They were a typical 80’s High School Rock Band.  They played small venues and we all went along to hear them play and to cheer them on. Unlike, other High School Bands that stopped playing when they graduated Fatal Mistake went on to be Soul Tattoo, a few of the band members changed but overall it was the same guys.

Matt Minter (lead vocals) Jason Throop (drums)
B2-208 B2-253

Keith Ellard (guitar)

In addition, other bands or musicians that Kirk had worked with and knew came out to entertain us and celebrate.  Johnny Vegas was our MC for the night.

Graham Greer

Channel 1


Robert Farrell

Sarah Sedgman with Colin Mills on Guitar

I think I may have missed a band in there, but you can certainly look through the flickr set to see more of the night and even some from last year.

It was truly an amazing opportunity to hear these bands and musicians play.  A great night to come together and remember Kirk.

And with that, I will leave you with the end of the night, out of all 500 or so photos I took, I feel that this one speaks volumes and is by far my favorite.

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