Bonnie – 50 Over 50 Project – Ottawa Portrait Photographer

Such a joy to meet and photograph Bonnie for my 50 Over 50 project!! Bonnie has recently moved to Ottawa from BC where she has acreage and horses, so having her at the Farmhouse was truly a treat! When she arrived she immediately said it was majestic.
Now I look at our Farmhouse location with a new eye. Especially in the times that we find ourselves in. We have wide open spaces, for which we take not one foot of it for granted at the moment. Our neighbors are horses and sheep. We are truly blessed and as I sit on the porch and look outside, I think, yes Bonnie, it truly is majestic here.
During our consultation, I saw a black skirt with ribbons and asked Bonnie about it, and she casually said it was her traditional drumming skirt. Well, I just had to have her in her skirt with her drum! I loved hearing about her heritage, Secwepemc Nation, and the Unity Ride they take every summer on horseback for four days. Thank you Bonnie, for giving our Farmhouse a little something special. I truly loved photographing you!
Makeup by: Nicky Beauclair

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