Farewell Sunset Toast – Ottawa Photographer

When you are called upon last minute from a dear client who is having a farewell sunset toast with some of her closest girlfriends, you just go. My client had sold her home and was saying goodbye to it the only way she knew how. What treasures her friends were to come out and celebrate with her. A few tears were shed and a lot of laughter and smiles. It is truly lovely to see so many women together, who have been together over the years, come out and celebrate. We chased the setting sun and hung out on the beach, while the rain held off and offered a gorgeous night.


As the sun went down it was quite apparent that no one was in a hurry to go. We wrapped up on the beach a few minutes after the sun set on the horizon and they enjoyed an evening together. I am thankful I wasn’t booked and was able to make it out for the shoot. She will have these images and more as a reminder that one chapter is closed and another is just beginning. Moments in time, meant to be treasured. All the best on your new adventure! Thank you for inviting me to share in your evening.


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