Hélène – 50 Over 50 Project – Ottawa Portrait Photographer

Hélène was such a joy to photograph!! We had lots of fun bringing out different sides of Hélène for her #50Over50 session.
For someone who is used to traveling it has been a bit different staying put for a while in one place, thankfully she had the opportunity for a getaway just before everything closed up.
We had the opportunity to chat a few times and meet over Zoom, and then our day in the studio was lots of fun!! A retired teacher (bless her for teaching our kiddos out there for so many years!), Hélène is now working with furniture and has a knack for décor!
I love Hélène’s sense of style and her joie de vivre!! From sparkles to casual, Hélène is a natural in front of the camera.
Looking forward to sharing more amazing women with you!

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