The Power of Movement – Ottawa Event Photography

The Power of Movement – Ottawa Event Photography

Sunday, I had the great pleasure to photograph The Power of Movement here in Ottawa. A large group yoga class that is a fundraiser for Arthritis & Autoimmune conditions. We had almost 150 participants out to the venue and Yoga instructor Jessica Keats led the group through an amazing workout (am I allowed to call it that?). Participants ranged from young children, to older Moms, and a few Gentlemen participated as well. Thank you to all the Ladies from Yoga Fit Canada who watched over everyone making sure that all were in prime form.

PowerMove-4 PowerMove-73

Congratulations to everyone who participated and raised money for such a wonderful cause. The fundraiser was well thought out and prepared by the Organizer Chick Manuela McLaughlin. She did a fabulous job filling the room and getting everyone in and set up on time. And thank you to Manuela and her team for such a wonderful job. I look forward to an even bigger event next year!

PowerMove-103 PowerMove-81



If you were a participant or one of the vendors be sure to visit the gallery on the back of my card, found in your orange bag. There you can download a low-res version of photos from the event or purchase prints if you would like.

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