Amplify Her Awesome – Ottawa Event Photographer

Amplify Her Awesome – Ottawa Event Photographer

Last Tuesday, October 18th Tina Yelle, founder of Fuchsia Factory hosted her first one day conference called Amplify Her Awesome at My Condo, on the Byward Market. Tina did a fabulous job putting together great speakers to share their awesome with everyone.

From the website:

Amplify Her Awesome™ Live is an energizing, jam-packed day in Ottawa where local women entrepreneurs can learn, share, create and grow in many different areas of their business. A place to get a pulse on what’s hot and what’s not in the here and now.

And what a fabulous and energetic day it was, just reading the comments on the Facebook page about how pumped up everyone was about their businesses after spending a day with all these wonderful women.

Here is just a sampling from the day. To view more photos please visit my Facebook page to view the Amplify Her Awesome album.

Amplify Her Awesome-25.jpg

Angèle Lafonde, Shoebox be Gone

Amplify Her Awesome-23.jpg Amplify Her Awesome-22.jpg

Tina Yelle, Fuchsia Factory

Amplify Her Awesome-24.jpg

Catherine Landry, Cherry Pie Events

Amplify Her Awesome-21.jpg

Katherine Cornfield, Girl About Otown

Amplify Her Awesome-20.jpg Amplify Her Awesome-19.jpg

Anastasia Valentine, Sandbox PM

Amplify Her Awesome-18.jpg Amplify Her Awesome-17.jpg

Amplify Her Awesome-16.jpg

Veronica Martyn, Vermillion Productions

Amplify Her Awesome-15.jpg

Amplify Her Awesome-14.jpg

Amplify Her Awesome-13.jpg Amplify Her Awesome-6.jpg

Amplify Her Awesome-11.jpg Amplify Her Awesome-12.jpg

Amplify Her Awesome-10.jpg Amplify Her Awesome-9.jpg

Amplify Her Awesome-8.jpg Amplify Her Awesome-4.jpg

Lara Wellman, Lara

Amplify Her Awesome-5.jpg Amplify Her Awesome-7.jpg

Cleo Thompson, Character Creative

Amplify Her Awesome-3.jpg Amplify Her Awesome-1.jpg

Amplify Her Awesome-1.jpg

Susan Murphy, Jester Creative and Kat Newman, Confident Image

Amplify Her Awesome-2.jpg Amplify Her Awesome-1.jpg

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