BeYou(tiful) Deb – Ottawa Portrait Photographer

It’s a small, but beautiful world. As it seems to happen time and time again as we start shooting a session and we get to chatting. Chatting with a client lends to getting to know one another and when we get to know one another, beautiful images arise. Not only do beautiful images arise, but we find out that we have mutual friends or acquaintances. This happens more times than I an count. In this instance Deb arrived at the studio as a guest to my client Alana. Deb does not live in our city so it would stand to reason that we wouldn’t know too many of the same people. Well as it turns out we knew quite a few. And through laughing and sharing stories about these people we were able to capture some amazing images.
Deb is an absolutely beautiful woman, her laughter is contagious and her heart is huge. As a guest of a my client Alana, she arrived at the studio not really knowing what to expect and a wee bit nervous. We put her into the makeup chair and started to get to know her. The beautiful and talented Ariana Assadi was our makeup artist for the day and she has just the right touch to bring out natural beauty and good conversation.

Deb is truly BeYou(tiful) and I believe we captured her very well, thank you Deb for sharing your stories with us and for spending the day with Alana. It was an amazing day.

Please contact to book your own BeYou(tiful) session. We have just a few spots left for late December and are booking into January/February 2016.

A BeYou(tiful) Session makes the perfect gift for that special lady in your life, we offer beautifully packaged gift certificates for the Holidays. We {Ladies} need to exist in photographs, for ourselves, our families, for our children and our children’s children.

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