Girls Day Out – Ottawa Portrait Photographer

We hosted our first official ‘Girls Day Out’ in late November, our first time we had more than three women in the studio for a BeYou(tiful) Session. A day designed specifically to celebrate a group of Ladies who are family, friends and coworkers. A day set aside before the holidays got into full swing where they could just hang out, relax and enjoy. Our fabulous makeup artists Jenny and Taegan brought out the natural shining beauty of our guests with mini makeovers which were tailored specifically for each person. We served up some delicious charcuterie and desserts in our lovely studio. Each of the ladies was photographed individually, capturing their beauty.

Photographing each of these beautiful women was such a treat, no two were alike. It is fun to watch the dynamics of the ladies and to work with some who had never had a personal photo shoot and others that have been in front of the camera quite a bit. Although we are in an era of ‘selfies’ and we all have cameras with us all the time, there are still quite a few women that are always behind the camera and not in front of it. Ladies, we deserve to be captured and “I promise to shine the light on your beauty, for all women are beautiful“.

You too can enjoy a ‘Girls Day Out’ created just for you. It can be a day for you and your daughters, your best friends, bridesmaids or a group of coworkers, a day to come together and celebrate your beauty and leave with some timeless images. You don’t have to be a large group, you may be two or three, the key is that it is a day set aside for you to relax and enjoy and most of all have fun!
Contact Anna at for more information or to book your own ‘Girls Day Out’.

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