Be You (tiful) – Ottawa Portrait Photographer

I photograph a lot of women for head shots, conferences and family sessions, one of the biggest things that stands out for me when I photograph them is that there is always something that makes them question why they shouldn’t have their photographs taken.  I hear every excuse imaginable, my hair is a mess, my make up is terrible, I need to lose the baby weight, I look tired today… and the list could go on and on.

As a photographer, I am going to admit, I don’t always like having my picture taken either. But the truth is, I need to have proof that I exist, other than silly selfies that I take with my phone. My children need to be able to look back and have great pictures of their Mother.  I also need to have great pictures of me for ME!  I can give you all the excuses above and add a few more in there for good measure, I have one eye smaller than the other, my lip curls up on one side, I don’t like my nose, skin, hair…gah!  But the truth is, I have to let it go. I have to believe that even in my 40’s I am beautiful. Just as beautiful as I was back in my 20’s.

I was perusing Pinterest one day and I saw a painted sign that said BeYou(tiful). That sign stayed with me, it has reminded me more and more of what I see every day, beauty.  I get to see so many beautiful women in my job and I feel like they truly need to be reminded that they are Beautiful.

When I was photographing the Blissdom Canada conference in Toronto last October, I was inspired by all the beautiful women I was surrounded with and realized that there are still women that have self-esteem issues. It breaks my heart to realize that some women don’t see their own beauty. As a photographer it is my job to capture beauty and I can see beauty in every face before me. From Blissdom Canada a new kind of session has been born.  I am calling it a BeYou(tiful) session.  These sessions incorporate a makeover into a portrait session, more than just a head shot, this is a glamour session.  We work together with you to help you pick your wardrobe and create a fun and relaxing atmosphere to hang out and have a day just for you.  Even more fun these sessions are best done in pairs, bring your Mother, Sister, Best Friend, Partner, we make it a day to celebrate you being BeYou(tiful).

Of course, I couldn’t even suggest such a session if I myself wasn’t willing to get in front of the camera. So here you see a few images from my own session. It was a great day, lots of fun was had and most important is that I feel Beautiful. Who says 43 is middle aged? I say it is just the beginning!

To book your own BeYou(tiful) session, contact me at and we will set up a session for you, a true ‘Girls Day Out’, you will want to plan an dinner out after your session because you will look and feel fabulous.

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