BeYou(tiful) Packaging – Ottawa Photographer

Beauty comes in all different packages as we are all different. And it is this difference that makes the world and exciting and beautiful place.  I thought that today I would share, how we package up our BeYou(tiful) images as this is almost as important as the images themselves.

This beautiful handmade box arrives with matted images you have chosen from your session. This box is not just a box, it is like a treasure chest of beauty. Inside you will find YOU, the you we all see everyday, full of beauty and grace. It is completely up to you how you share this treasure chest and each person is different. Some will frame the matted images, others will put one up on an easel and change it out as they see fit. Others will keep it tucked on a shelf or coffee table only to be taken out on a day when it is most needed by her. And there is no right or wrong way to share, as it is for you.

As I continue to capture ladies in my BeYou(tiful) sessions I cannot resist the urge to put it out there and remind you all to exist in photographs. First for yourself, then for your families, children and future generations. There is no wrong time to be photographed, the time is now. We all (myself included) want to wait until we are just the right shape and size to be captured. I am here to tell you that you, as you are now, today are perfect. You are perfect to be captured.

Thank you to BeYou(tiful) Catherine, for allowing me to share her stunning images. There is no greater gift to a photographer, than to watch her clients reaction to opening this beautiful box of images.

BeYoutifulPackagingWe have a few openings for BeYou(tiful) Sessions this Fall, please contact Anna to pick your date. We also offer gift certificates if you would like to give the gift of BeYou(tiful).

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