BeYou(tiful) Sara – Ottawa Headshot Photographer

I had the pleasure of meeting Sara at Blissdom Canada this October. Sara was looking for a new headshot that represented her love of an active life outdoors. Sara is senior editor, contributing editor, social media and an author for the Active for Life blog as well as having written articles like this one about being Physically Literate. Sara is truly amazing and was attending Blissdom Canada as part of the Active for Life booth. Active for Life was one of the amazing sponsors that makes conferences like Blissdom Canada possible.

Not all Headshots must be done on a plain background. For corporate and professional, using a plain background is one of the best ways as it allows your company to have a consistent look for all employees and as you add employees this can easily be replicated. In Sara’s case we needed to take her outside, her life is so much about being active and getting outside that it represents her very well. And we couldn’t have asked for a better backdrop than the beautiful Fall colours surrounding us at Blue Mountain Resort. It had actually just started snowing and although we hoped that we would get a lovely sprinkling of snow for the images we were ahead of the snow by just enough time that you can’t really see it here. We had fabulous light and Sara’s warm smile is just so welcoming.

Just spending a small amount of time with Sara made me want to spend more time outside. She is a shining light of positivity and fabulous all wrapped up in a beautiful package. Just getting to know her over the course of three days was a blessing for me. And I thank Sara for not only the opportunity to capture her but the opportunity to get outside when we are spending three days in conference rooms.

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