Three Chickens and a Boat – Ottawa Headshot Photographer

Three Chickens and a Boat. What exactly am I talking about?

Let me introduce you to Julie. The first time I met Julie, she was receiving a live makeover on the Marilyn Denis show. I hadn’t even met her yet actually, I was in the audience along with a crowd of Blissdom Canada 2012 attendees. Julie had just moved to Salt Spring Island in British Columbia with her husband and children and was starting a whole new way of life which included her blog, Three Chickens and a Boat. Julie shares a bit of her story on her about page, which currently features one of the first times I had the amazing opportunity to capture her. Julie amazed me from the get go just by allowing them to do a live makeover. I couldn’t handle anything quite like that myself, but she pulled it off, she was beautiful at the start of the makeover and she is beautiful after the makeover.

Julie amazes me almost every single day. She has chickens! We live in a 130 year old Farmhouse and everyone always asks me when are we getting chickens, we have resisted so far, but if we ever decide to do it, Julie will be invited to help us set it all up. Of course Julie is not only about Chickens, Julie is an amazing writer and her blog posts are worth the read as many of of can relate to what Julie is talking about. She is the publisher and overall visionary for BLUNTMoms, which is a website dedicated to telling it like it is. Add to all of that, which would be more than enough for most people she is also the Creative Catalyst at 3 Chicken Consulting.
I truly feel blessed to have had the opportunity to capture Julie’s beauty but I also feel blessed that I met Julie in the first place. Although we see each other on occasion throughout the years, it is not like I get to see her often, but when I do, my cup overflows with her amazing spirit. She is always there with a fabulous smile and words of encouragement. Julie is truly BeYou(tiful) inside and out.

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