coKANna Designs – Ottawa Branding Photographer

Last Fall I was introduced to Colleen Kanna of coKANna Designs. Colleen contacted me with regards to photographing her new Fall line of bamboo clothing. We set up a time to meet and seemed to connect right away. Colleen was looking for an outdoor location as well as some in-studio work and after arriving at The Farmhouse, Colleen felt it was a great place to showcase her clothing. We have the best of both worlds here, lovely outdoor setting that is constantly changing and an indoor studio that can be set up for product shots.

Colleen (center, sitting in the chair) is a breast cancer survivor. While going through treatments, Colleen found that it was difficult to find comfortable tops that were easy to put on and take off during treatments, that were also comfortable and soft. At the same time Colleen realized that she didn’t want to continue in the career path she had been in, so she went from Chartered Accountant to Clothing Designer and coKANna was born. Colleen has created something so wonderful that support women during a difficult time in their lives. My heart was aching for Colleen as she told me her story and the story of coKANna and at the same time I was so happy that Colleen is here to give women something so great.

Each piece of clothing is named after a cancer survivor, which I think is absolutely marvelous, so we had Jenn and Claire model the clothing on a beautiful September day. Hearing their stories is just amazing, I have so much respect for these women who are so strong and beautiful.

Jenn is modeling the “Jenn Pant” which is currently available in black and charcoal, they are soft and comfortable, yet dressy enough to wear out.

Claire is modelling the “Claire Fleece Jacket” which is available in a two tone as well as a solid and in numerous colours.

Working with Colleen over the last several months has been so amazing, and I was absolutely honored when she asked if I would like to participate in a special evening that she has created to give women going through treatments a night to “Forget for a Moment”.  Stay tuned for images from that evening.

Clothing by: coKANna Designs

Makeup by: Thierry Papineau

Colleen’s take on our day together is captured nicely here. With a few behind the scenes images as well.

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