COKANNA – Personal Branding Photography

COKANNA has a sparkling new website and some fabulous new designs to go with it!! When I first met Colleen, we put together new images for her former website, shot entirely at the Farmhouse, we had a great backdrop for her fabulous designs. This past Fall, Colleen wanted to show her latest designs in a new way. A way that shows you, the customer, exactly how versatile her clothing line is.

100% Canadian-made, bamboo, COKANNA clothing can take you from the office to a yoga (or skating) class, to dinner. Or look fabulous while traveling an get off the train or plane and look fresh for a meeting, your options are endless. Not to mention how incredibly comfortable the clothing is!!

Meet Heidi, owner of Wanderlust Scarves and Tonbo Luxury Tours. Heidi knows comfort when traveling so the perfect place to photograph her was at the train station!! We also took over a hotel lobby for a morning as well, the perfect spots to photograph such an avid traveler. Heidi wears COKANNA clothing when she heads out on tour.

Heidi is smiling at the camera resting her hand on her suitcase, while the train pulls into the station.

Heidi is waiting for the train wearing travel wear from COKANNA clothing.

Claire is a Master Gardener and Ikebana Artist. Claire loves to host dinner gatherings with friends where they pick a theme for the night and cook all the foods around that particular theme. Colleen wanted to showcase Claire in the kitchen, preparing for a dinner. COKANNA clothing is the perfect dinner outfit for relaxing with friends. Comfortable and classy.

Claire, standing in a kitcheh arranging flowers, looking at something behind her in the kitchen

Claire is modeling the Vesna Cardigan and Jenn Pant from COKANNA designs.

Sophia is an Entrepreneur, an award winning Event Planner at Sophia J Events, Marketing Strategist and she is rockin’ the Vesna Cardigan in Silky Blue!! We had a fabulous time together, from coffee at a local coffee shop to heading out to a meeting, Sophia’s choice of outfit is perfect for meetings downtown. Sophia is also wearing the Patti skirt in Black.

Sophia is wearing the Vesna Cartigan in Silky Blue and the Jenn Pant in Black from COKANNA clothing, while walking down the street looking off to the side.

Sophia is on her way to a meeting.

Lynne is 73 and still skating, skiing and hiking!! Lynne is so active and has an amazing outlook on life, I want to be Lynne when I grow up! The Lynne Pant was named after Lynne and she is seen here skating in them and wearing the Claire cardigan in grey. Both pieces are perfect for working out and then heading to breakfast or a meeting right after.

Lynne is modelling the Lynne Pant in black and the Clair jacket in grey both from COKANNA designs. Lynne has a red scarf tied around her neck and is posing in her skates for the camera

Lynne is skating in her Lynne Pants from COKANNA designs

It has been such a wonderful experience working with Colleen. Colleen is a breast cancer survivor and started COKANNA after she felt that a comfortable, but stylish top was missing from the adaptive marketplace. Colleen believes in giving back to the community that helped her through her treatments, so she created the “Forget for a Moment” event. A wonderful evening where women going through breast cancer treatments are treated to a makeover an some pampering to simply, forget for a moment. For the last two years, I have participated in the evening creating portraits of the ladies  and I love every minute of it!!

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