Corporate HeadShots – Ottawa HeadShot Photographer

To round out our fabulous photoshoot of this great team from Trend Micro, I would like to introduce you to Leslie. This is only the second time I have had the opportunity to capture Leslie and like Debbie and Tania, we were going for a more formal approach as opposed to the more casual we shot the first time. Leslie is a treat to capture, her warm smile lights up when I bring out the camera and I just love her head shots.

We like to work with you to get your ‘best side’ sometimes it happens in minutes and other times it takes a few more frames to capture your best you. In cases like Trend Micro, where we worked onsite to capture a large team in a short amount of time, we work quickly to ensure we get the best you possible captured. For the most part we get that shot in a matter of a few frames, showing the client onsite what we are capturing. When we work in the studio, we generally have a bit more time to spend with you which is why it is important to you, the client, to decide what is best for you. If you would like your team captured, contact us to help you decide which is the best solution for your team.
Head Shots

Debbie and Leslie again, what a fabulous duo they are. Thank you to Tania, Debbie and Leslie for allowing me to share their images.Corporate Head Shots

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