Fall Families – Ottawa Family Photographer

Fall Families – Ottawa Family Photographer

I have truly been Blessed this year, not only with so many amazing projects but the fact that people whom I have met through Social Media have become great friends.  And the double blessing is that these great friends also trust me to capture their families.

I would like to introduce you to Barbara, otherwise known as @OttMomGo, and her family.  Barbara and I met a few years ago now (I want to say five!!) on Twitter and we joined a book club together that one of our friends had organized.  We truly didn’t know each other very well until we were roommates in New York City for the BlogHer’10 conference. Nothing makes your friendship blossom faster than sharing a room.  At that time I was running a 5k in NYC at 6am and our other roommate who was supposed to run with me was very sick. I was really nervous about running alone in NYC (ironic since I don’t mind driving in the City) and add to that, I was running in a tutu!  We were running for our 5k in a tutu for Tanner.  I was scared, terrified, and not only did Barbara get up to walk me out to the lobby, she encouraged me the whole time. I wanted to bail out, really and truly I did. Barbara looked me in the eye and said, “You run, because I can’t”. Such simple words but ones that have never left me. So I ran. Through Broadway, Park Ave, 5th Ave, past Grand Central Station. I ran and ran with people looking at me in my tutu like I was a crazy Canadian. I teared up at the end and was so thankful Barbara gave me the courage to just do it.  Today, Barbara and I are good friends and ironically Barbara runs and I do not, ha!  I hurt my back last year and am not quite up to running speed yet, but Barbara she runs like the wind and not just a 5k. Barbara runs 5k, 10k, half marathons, yes Barbara is now truly one of my heroes. Four years ago she couldn’t run with me, today she out runs me.

And it is with this story in my heart that I set out to capture the beauty of her family.  Thank you Barbara, for being you.


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