Girls Day Out – Ottawa Portrait Photographer

Here’s another peek into our “Girls Day Out”. This particular day was celebrating a fabulous group of women who are family, work together or lifelong friends. The idea was to host a “Girls Day Out” prior to the holidays, but with a holiday twist. We had some beautiful floral arrangements from Rebel Petal, that added just the right amount of sparkle and festive to the kitchen area. Our studio offers two large comfortable seating areas as well as a large kitchen area, perfect for serving up some delicious charcuterie and desserts. Each day is planned out to your specific celebration.

We can host as few as two people or as many as 15. Truly we are celebrating you and your beauty! Your day is centered around you in a fun and relaxing atmosphere. We have amazing makeup artists on hand to give you a makeover suited to you, you can decide how much or how little you would like and they work with you to achieve the best results possible. Once your makeup is finished we bring you into the studio to photograph you. We always start off with your favorite outfit and proceed from there, it is up to you if you wish to incorporate a little bit of boudoir into your shoot. Several of the Ladies from this day incorporated that into their shoot, however, we prefer to keep those special images under wraps.
Whether you are celebrating a friendship of 20 years or hosting your bridal party for a pre-wedding “Girls Day Out”, we would love to have you in the studio. Your day will be an amazing one to celebrate. We women must remember to exist in photographs, for us, for our family, our children and future generations and I promise to capture your Beauty, for all Women are Beautiful.
Contact Anna at to discuss arranging your very own “Girls Day Out”. We look forward to hosting you.

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