Tabatha – Ottawa Head Shot Photographer

If there is one thing I love it is when one of my amazing clients refers me to a friend or acquaintance and then I get another amazing client. This is what happened with Tabatha. She was referred by a lady I met at a Luncheon. Tabatha runs Tabtalks and is truly fabulous. The more I work with women the more I see that many of us out there are extremely nervous to get our photo taken. It is one thing when you are taking a selfie with your smart phone, but there is another thing all together when you have to trust someone whom you may have just met to capture you. I don’t take my job for granted one bit. I do chat a lot when I first meet a client while we are getting ready, I like to get to know you a bit and I also find it puts you at ease for when I start shooting.

Tabatha was no exception, she was a little nervous at first, however, I fell in love with her gem of a house and found a perfect spot both inside and out that had great light and beautiful backdrops to allow her true self to shine through. After a few minutes her nervousness and away we went. I loved the light so much I could have kept shooting there all day!
BeYou(tiful) Tabatha

If you have a moment be sure to drop by and check out TabTalks I love what Tabatha is doing, using games to help people communicate better, just brilliant! I feel like I am not giving her the proper credit for all that she does, so please trust me and drop by to take a look. We need more Tabatha’s in the world that is for sure.

BeYou(tiful) Tabatha
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