The Workshop on the Waterfront – Ottawa Family Photographer

The Workshop on the Waterfront – Ottawa Family Photographer

I am not sure I even have the words to express how amazing The Workshop on the Waterfront really and truly was.

I should come right out and say that I made it just fine without my Husband and Children with me and they did just fine without me at home.  And if I was going to be away from my Children for the first time ever, The Inn at Perry Cabin was the right place to do it.  Nestled in the small town of St. Michael’s, Maryland it had the perfect amount of cozy, glamour, and relaxation to make me feel like I was on a getaway just for me. 

Except that I wasn’t!  I was joined by 69 other women to listen to fabulous women share and teach and encourage.  Marsha, the woman behind The Savvy Photographer and the Savvy Sisterhood knew exactly what to do to pull together an amazing three and a half days. And what an amazing job she and her team did. Thank you.

A huge thank you to all the women who made a difference in my life for just those few days. The women I met had the same excitement and passion about photography as I do and I hope that we will continue to grow our business and share via the internet together.

And if I get a choice in the matter, I will be doing this again next year!!

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  1. melanie mauer
    13 years ago

    love seeing these images of the inn again! xoxo -melanie-